Dracocephalum Moldavica

Also known as dragonhead, it is a meliferous plant. The flowers and the leaves are fragrant because of an essential citrus oil.
The leaves are edible and they can be use to make medicinal tea.
Dragonhead prefers moist soil but can grow well in any type.


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Organic Nutrient Solution for hydroponic crops

The topic is about if would be possible to prepare organic nutrients for use it in hydroponic systems instead  using synthesized elements. The answer is positive but the issue is with profitability. For they who are guided by the immediate profit is not recommended, but for they who intend to create closed and integrated biosystems this will be a cause. It is well known the case of Aquaponic sistem who use fish to produce nutrients. As well it is possible to compost the green plants and macerate it in water(ex: common nettle- urtica dioica) and create a good fertilizer.
Any shared experience in this is highly appreciated!

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Melittis melissophyllum

Melittis melissophyllum
lowering  from may to june.
It is a medicinal and a meliferous plant.

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Lamium Galeobdolon

arhanghel galben

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Symphytum officinale


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Pulmonaria officinalis

2015-04-17 11.49.53

2015-04-17 11.49.55

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Hydroponics in Romania


Hydroponic crop, well known as well in ancient times by aztecs and taking an architectural shape in Babilon’s suspended gardens, is in our times very present in urban.
Developed in Occident, for the beginning in laboratory and then, at a big scale, in vegetables greenhouse production, hydroponic culture is making feel her presence also in Romania . Aldo this concept is new and unknown very well, it is associated in most cases with pesticides and unhealthy food. Nothing of this is true; Hydroponics is based on controlled nutrients, climate and lite and  by compare, the classic agriculture uses all these pesticides to protect the crop in a very unstable environment. But the best advantage what hydroponics came with is the possibility to explore vertically space, especially in urban agglomeration, outside and inside  immobile .
From the daily salad in hypermarket and to the vertical green walls in landscaping, hydroponics is present without we really realize it.

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Jacaranda Mimosifolia

Jacaranda is a subtropical tree but is well adapted in temperate regions if in its youth is well protected from frost. It is known also like palisander tree. Highly appreciated for bonsai because its blue trumpet flower.

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